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    Address:No. 25, LongZhang Road, Sangyuan Management District, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

          Our company is wholly owned by GrandmarkIndustrial Ltd.(HK). The leader of team is a automotive expert fromDetroit,USAwho has been working for the automotive control system more thantwenty years,and he has served as most international brand name on electronicscontrol technology.Based on his experience and knowledge,now he serves theautomatic mechanical transmission(AMT) and new energy vehicle powertraindevelopment and production. Now, we have many successful cases to help the CarOEM on product development and manufacturing which included passenger car,SUV,bus, EV and hybrid vehicles.All of them are depended on our advanceddevelopment team,fully equipped facility and strength finance support.Also,thecompany’s direction on enthused service to customers and insisted on technologyinnovation.

          Grandmark owned a fully equipped AMT and vehicle testing laboratorieswhich consists of-HIL simulation system with dSpace Autobox;-Modelsimulation,algorithm verification and      Ccode generation supporting by Simulink;-Build motor testing bed,sensor testingbed,actuator assembly testing bench and other components level testing bench.We also equipped with different dyno testing platform and vehicle dyno testingroom, it can help our customers to perform and below:-durabilitytesting-platform calibration and testing-Environmental testingequipment,temperature chamber-Vibration testing bench-Salt mist testingbench-Off-line vehicle data logger-Mass storage prototype.

    Our company has passed the quality management system audit of TUV.

           Grandmarkhas 6 invention patents and more than 20 utility model patent.
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      No. 25, LongZhang Road, Sangyuan Management District, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province